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Bean in the Bush was founded by Karen, a luxury lodge manager who has worked at some of the most exclusive game lodges in Limpopo.

When Karen noticed a high demand for quality local coffee among visitors to the area, both from South Africa and abroad she set out to find the purest coffee made from some of the world’s most in-demand beans.  She wanted to give the coffee a local flavour, so teamed up with a small-batch roastery in Richard’s Bay, to enable Limpopo locals and tourists to buy coffee beans  or ground coffee easily online.


Our Products

Guatemalan coffee beans or grounds

Cupping notes: Delicate aroma, well balanced cup with medium to full body.                          Delicious chocolate flavour with winey acidity.

Medium to dark roast coffee beans originating from Barberena, to the highlands of Jutiapa and Chiquimula, near the border of El Salvador and Honduras.
Rain Forest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic and UTZ Certified

 Colombian coffee beans or grounds

Cupping notes: Citrusy flavour, medium-bodied, and rich acidity with a clean and sweet after taste

Medium roast coffee beans originating from La Meseta coffee growers, Colombia. Certification with the rain forest alliance & is USDA organic

 Ethiopian coffee beans or grounds

Cupping notes: a full-bodied coffee with an aromatic, sweet and complex flavour. Melon and soft citric, soft florals dominate the aroma with a lemon-candy acidity on the first sip. As it cools, the Limu grows sweeter and a smooth milk-chocolate finish

Medium roast coffee beans from Limu area within the Djimmah region of Ethiopia. Universally recognised at the birthplace of coffee, where it was first cultivated in the 1500’s producing some of the most complex & exciting coffees in the world, through largely unchanged growing methods where the vast majority of the coffee production originates from small-hold farmers, each producing an average of 300kg per year

Tanzanian coffee beens or grounds

Cupping notes: winey acidity, with a rich strong taste. sweet berry-like, with a fruity flavour

Medium roast coffee beans, farmed in Arusha, Tanzania by farming communities under the Olturoto Rural Cooperative Society which was initiated in the 1980’s. This initiative has allowed approximately 1000 local farmers to trade and finance independently

Malawian coffee beans or grounds

Cupping notes: Bright florals, orange citrus with notes of peach, lemon and orange. Sweet, silky, smooth clean finish.

Medium roast coffee beans, farmed on family owned coffee farms in the northern region of Malawi under Mzuzu Coffee Planters Co-operative Union. The Co-operative union emphasizes gender equity and supports community improvement projects, including the construction of a hospital with the help of coffee premiums

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